MZSplit is a simple and light file splitter. It can be useful for dividing a big file into small units, for easy file transport using memory storage devices (such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs, USB memory sticks and so on). It needs very low memory (below 4 MB) and should run without problems on Windows 95 / 98 / 98SE / ME / NT4 / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista or higher (64-bit versions should be OK). There is not installation: simply expand the zip file where you want to install the application.
MZSplit is fully compatible with UNIX/Linux split command. It's distributed under GNU GPL license.


MZSplit 3.0 (146 KB - release date: February 13, 2007)

MZSplit version 3 - main window and help

MZSplit version 3 at work