Running z88dk on Windows


About this page

z88dk is a C cross-compiler allowing the production of complex programs for Z80 based computers in either C or assembly language. While it can be compiled & installed without any particular effort on Linux/Unix, using it with Windows is more complicated. This page will help you in this work with a simple setup.


It's a brand new installer, that does not touch your Windows Registry. This setup has been tested on XP and 7, but should work on 8, 2003 Server and 2000 as well. Just download and run it:
  -  z88dk v. 1.10.1 (3.7 MB)   download this file
  -  z88dk v. 1.10.1 (3.7 MB)   sourceforge mirror
The setup also includes a small 1-page tutorial for compiling the first program.
Additional tests and comments are welcome: please write to


THE OLD MANUAL HECKER-FRIENDLY WAY - for skilled users only

If you hate the installers, then using zip files is usually a more appreciated way for hackers like you. You can download the zip file from the nightly build directory or from the project download area. Now you have two options: extract it exactly to "C:\" and set all environment variables manually or extract it to ...wherever you like and run my manual setup tool (in this case follow the next steps);

  1. download the manual setup tool (17 KB for binary and source code)
  2. extract the zip, copy z88dk-manual-setup.exe to the folder you chose and run it;
  3. it will configure the compiler paths inside its configuration files and generate z88dkenv.bat;
  4. you can call z88dkenv.bat from the command line whenever you want, before running z88dk. In case you are using your own bat script for compiling your project, you can add a CALL statement to z88dkenv.bat on the top of it.

Legal bits (software license)

The manual setup tool is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2, with the following exceptions: