Marcello Zaniboni - software
In this page you can find a small collection of little works I made just for fun or for various test purposes - e.g. while studying a new technology.
Some of these applications have a good quality and are ready for everyday use, but the others are simply (ugly) experiments.
Enjoy them :-)

This section contains somewhat recent works. They are well tested for everyday use and most of them are spread around the web in various freeware software mirrors.

Tiny Tools - a collection of very small utilities for programmers, system administrators and skilled PC users.  ← new stuff here

MZSplit - a simple and light file splitter. It can be useful for dividing a big file into small units, for easy file transport using memory storage devices (such as CD/DVD-ROMs, USB memory sticks, floppy disks and so on). MZSplit is fully compatible with UNIX/Linux split command.

MZMM - is a simple process memory logger for Windows. It allows you to track system physical memory load and also the memory usage by individual processes.

MZDate - is a little personal alarm system: it displays message boxes, with configurable text at a specified date and time.

Educational: - Multiplication table for kids: it asks my kids about multiplication table and calculate performance stats - in italian - Test fast calculation of +/- 9 and +/- 11 operations and calculate performance stats - in italian
Video survillance: - A rudimental home video survillance that records images from the webcam just when a change happens. I primarily made it to monitor my hamster activity when I'm not at home. To stop its infinite loop, you can use this simple two-line script. Enjoy them :-)

Too many years ago, I begun my computer programming experience with a ZX Spectum. Since those times, I've had a growing sensation of nostalgia about the early ages of home computing and nowadays I'm still playing with that old and useless stuff! :-)

Running z88dk on Windows - z88dk is a C cross-compiler; more precisely, it's an advanced set of tools allowing the production of complex programs for Z80 based computers in either C or assembly language. In this page I explain how to install it on Windows.

SpEdito - a simple and modular editor for z88dk sprite library (SpEdito = sprite editor). It works on both Linux and Windows.

AI Tic Tac Toe - (for ZX Spectrum 48K ...or emulators) - It's a tic tac toe game against the computer: the program shows you the Speccy learning from its own mistakes.

This is a list of very old, boring and buggy software. There is a very high probability that if you go on reading this section you will waste one or two minutes of your life (one or two minutes that nobody will never give you back!). Anyway, if you think you are so immortal that you can waste time in this way, here is the list.

MZTalk 1.00 beta - (for Java, 117 KB) - MZTalk is a Java Swing tool for talking to another user over the net. Beta version. It runs on Java 1.3 or higher. It's distributed under GNU GPL license.
screenshot 1, screenshot 2.

MZKey3 pre-release 1 - (for Java, 68 KB) - MZKey is an rudimentary Java tool for encrypting and decrypting files using passwords. It supports the compression of encrypted files and runs on Java 1.3 or higher. It's distributed under GNU GPL license.

MZFriends for Linux and Windows - This is a very simple database program, made to be a personal address book. Very simple, easy, small and fast.

XFinger for Linux - (version 1.2.0; source + static ELF executable, 432 KB) - The X window version of the finger command for linux and other Unix-like systems (here you find a screenshot). The application provides refresh.

Rubrica Telefonica - (256 KB) - Requires 80386, Windows 3.x, 2MB. (in Italian)

TRIS - (141 KB) - It learns to play the tic-tac-toe game by looking at the past games. Requires 80286, DOS 5.0, 640 KB. (in Italian)


All these programs are free. Like anything else that is free, there is no
kind of warranty about them: you use them at your own risk.
Read the license in every program before using it.