SpEdito - simple sprite editor and code generator for z88dk


This program is a simple sprite editor (SpEdito = sprite editor) for the z88dk compiler. Sprites can be saved to files and than re-loaded; SpEdito can finally generate C code for the sprites, allowing you to use them inside the z88dk monochromatic game library (maybe the support for the Sprite Library SP1 will be added in future via external module). This old example (4 KiB) is a very simple ZX Spectrum application that uses a sprite generated with SpEdito (the z88dk monochromatic game library works with a lot of computers; the ZX Spectrum is just one of them).


   version 1.0 under Windows, start and help windows    version 1.0 under Windows, drawing in progress and module window


SpEdito 1.0 binary and source for SpEdito and two external modules: Small Preview and ASM Generator

Linux version (Intel 32-bit) (244 KiB)
Windows version (342 KiB)


SpEdito is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. This program uses the FLTK library, version 1.1.x, and standard C++; thus it can compile and run under Linux, Windows, MacOS, Amiga and other systems.