ZX Spectrum AI Tic Tac Toe    by Marcello Zaniboni

It's a tic tac toe game against the computer: the program shows you the Speccy learning from its own mistakes (when it looses a match, it saves its moves and tries not to repeat them, to avoid loosing again). At the beginning of the game, the only thing the computer knows is that it has to move where there are 2 other equal Xs or Os in the same row.
Obviously this is not enough to play well; ...game by game it will learn not to loose at all.


November 2005 - The final version 1.0 - Download 1.0 final (53KB)
The zip file includes a demo Windows text-only port.
Main changes:
    - ANSI C porting (tested on GCC and MingW)
    - A.I. improvements
- sound added
- memory information displayed
- minor bug fixed

February 2005 - The first beta version - Download 1.0 beta (32KB)

This program is released under GNU GPL License.

How can you run this brand new software?

There are a lot of emulators for any kind of modern computers. You can choose:
  1. If you want to try this software directly in a Java applet (without additional downloads and installations ...if you have Java 1.2 or higher installed in your computer) you can click here!!!
  2. If you want to try some emulators I suggest these 3 emulators:
ZX Spin, freeware (for Windows)
RealSpectrum, freeware (for Windows and DOS)
EmuZWin, freeware (for Windows)
Fuse, free (for Linux / Unix / MacOS)
Spectaculator, shareware with 30-day trial period (for Windows)

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