Tiny Tools

This is a small collection of tiny utilities for programmers, system administrators and skilled PC users.
This software is well tested for everyday use and it's also spread around the web in various freeware software mirrors.

Slow Down CPU 3.0

Sometimes the computers run too fast and a developer cannot test what happens to his/her program if the computer is busy (e.g. high volume websites, high CPU concurrency situations and so on) or simply if the hardware is too old and slow. This tool tries to simulate these scenarios: it makes your CPU cores work heavily on arithmetic calculations. The user can decide the number of threads.

httpiccolo 0.1 - a small web server

httpiccolo is a basic, small and fast http server for static content. No configuration files, just optional command line parameters. It does not run dynamic web pages like php, aspx, jsp,... i.e. everything you put in a published directory is not processed and is transmitted to the client as is.
Why another http server? I needed a small and very simple static web server for personal use and I was studying the Go language. I found that using the standard Go library I could get all I needed with just few lines of code. I just added command line parameters management. Go language made everything very easy and straightforward: I made a brand new web server in less than 60 minutes!

MZKillProcess for Windows

MZKillProcess-1.0-BETA.zip for Windows x86 32-bit (4 KB). This tool kills processes by name. It does it brutally, immediately, without posting any kind of message to the process. I found it's mostly useful in emergency batch files, when I need a quick and guaranteed result: the process must die instantaneously, regardless it has time to close in a safe way.

Clock for Windows

clock.zip for Windows x86 32-bit (3 KB). Very basic text-only clock. I had to write this because I needed to display the time and the system on which I was logged on did not show it - and I had not the possibility to make it appear in the menu bar (too few grants, and I was not the administrator).

ShortPath for Windows

shortpath.zip for Windows x86 32-bit (5 KB). This tool displays the short path for files and folders. It supports drag & drop. Very useful for unfortunate software developers :-)

Simple Sleep for Windows

simplesleep-1.0.zip for Windows x86 32-bit (4 KB). Similarly to the sleep command in Linux environments, you can use this tool inside batch files to stop the execution, indicating a number of seconds or a time.